A veterinary check comprises three elements:

  1. Documentary checks - verifies that the documentation relating to the health of the product is correct
  2. Identity checks - verifies that the consignment matches the documents presented and is correctly labelled and packed
  3. Physical checks - verifies that the consignment appears to be in a fit state for the purpose specified and complies with import conditions. This may include temperature checking and the taking of samples for analysis.

Documentary checks

The agent/importer must enter details of the consignment onto IPAFFS. This creates Part 1 of the CHED-P and automatically submits it to the Imported Food Office.

Identity and physical checks

Upon completion of a satisfactory documentary check, the OVS/OFI will conduct an identity check and a physical check (where appropriate) as described above.

The agent/importer must present the original documentation relating to the consignment, to the Imported Food Office without undue delay. The documentation required includes the original health certificate, air waybill and invoice and packing list (if applicable).

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Last updated: Mon 29 November, 2021 @ 15:49