This is a copy of the letter all residents are due to recieve in the post in April/May 2020. Those due to receive their waste collections next week will receive their letters first with the rest following shortly after - please do not worry if you haven't received your letter yet.

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Dear resident,

We are writing to provide you and your family with information regarding waste and recycling collections during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is essential we keep everyone in our district up to date - including those without internet or social media access – which is why we feel a letter to every household is important.

The changes to our waste collections are allowing our ‘at risk’ staff – around 30 per cent of our waste workforce - to stay at home, reducing their risk of contracting the virus, and protecting our NHS. 

As of the week commencing Monday 27 April:

  • Our black bin, blue bag, red box, and clinical waste collections will continue as normal
  • Garden waste collections will resume with a monthly collection
  • Cardboard collections are suspended.

Due to the change to your garden waste collection, these are your upcoming collection dates:

  • Dates are specific to your household - please wait for your letter to come in the post - Each letter is tailored to the collections in your immediaty locality - we won’t be able to tell you your specific collection dates on the phone.

We will write to you again to confirm when collections return to normal. As ever, please ensure your bins are out by 6am on your collection day, or the night before.

Our FAQs over the page contain lots of further useful information, including advice on what to do with your cardboard while this collection is suspended.

The kindness and support you have shown our crews in recent weeks has been overwhelming – we’d like to thank each of you for your understanding and patience during this challenging time.

Best wishes                                                                 

Bev Smith - Chief Executive

Cllr Richard Blunt - Leader of the NWLDC                                                                                   

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my cardboard?

If you can, please store it until our collections resume or household recycling sites reopen – cardboard is a valuable commodity and it’s important we throw away as little as possible. However, we understand this may not always be practical and as a last resort you can dispose of cardboard in your black bin.

Can I leave out extra waste by the side of my bin?

We appreciate you may have accumulated more garden waste while the service has been suspended but please do not overfill your bin or leave extra bags by the kerbside. It’s a huge challenge for our crews to get these rounds up and running again and we won’t have the capacity to take surplus waste in addition to the many full bins.

Is there any change to my assisted garden bin collection?

If you receive an assisted collection this will still take place but on the new dates provided in your letter.

Why have you had to suspend/alter some waste services?

When the Government announced that those in the ‘at risk’ category needed to be sheltered from coronavirus, this reduced our waste workforce by around 30 per cent. Social distancing guidelines have also seen us reduce the size of the crew on each vehicle, reducing the efficiency of collections. Saving lives, protecting the NHS and keeping our teams safe is our main priority.

Why have some other councils been able to maintain collections?

Numbers of staff ‘at risk’, self-isolating or unwell varies from council to council. The reduction in our numbers has been felt even harder as we follow best practice by further sorting recycling at our Coalville depot after residents have separated it. This generates around £500,000 per year which goes towards our council services but is an operation that has presented challenges under the strain of coronavirus. 

Will garden waste collection remain free?

Yes, unlike many other councils, we don’t charge for the collection of garden waste and have no plans to change this approach.

When will the county council recycling and household waste sites reopen?

Waste sites remain closed for everyone’s safety, although Leicestershire County Council are carrying out work to ensure they are able to re-open with social distancing in operation, as well as with adequate traffic management for queuing traffic, when Government regulations allow.  People are urged not to have large scale clear outs and hold onto their waste until it can be disposed of properly. Please keep checking for the latest information.

Why have you closed the bring recycling sites?

For the health and safety of our residents and staff, we have removed our main bring/mini recycling sites. This is to encourage residents to follow ‘Stay at Home’ advice. Inappropriate use of these sites has also led to high levels of fly-tipping, which is dangerous to residents and staff, and costly to remove at a time when resources are limited.

Do you have any hygiene advice with regards to bin collections?

In line with Government advice, we strongly recommend you wash your hands before and after you move your bin. If your household has a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus, please place all used tissues and cleaning cloths in a plastic rubbish bag and tie it tightly when full. This should then be placed in a second bag, tied tightly and put aside for 72 hours before being put in your black bin.

Where can I go for more information about the council’s services?

For all our latest news, guidance and information please visit

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