This is a copy of the letter all residents are due to recieve in the post in September 2020.

Dear resident,

We are contacting you to confirm your garden bin and cardboard collections are returning to their usual fortnightly cycle later this month.

As of the week commencing Monday 28 September, all residents should go back to using their normal collection calendar which was in use pre-Covid-19. You can also use the postcode finder option on our website to check your collection dates at

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience while garden waste and cardboard collections were reduced. This allowed us to protect our staff in the ‘at risk’ category that needed to shelter from Covid-19.

Social distancing guidelines meant we also had to reduce the size of the crew on each vehicle from four to three, reducing the efficiency of collections at a time when more household waste was being produced than ever before. By reviewing the rounds and returning more staff to work we’ll now be able to complete your normal collections while maintaining these reduced crew sizes.

Your efforts to sort and separate recycling in your homes continues to allow the district to follow best recycling practice. Separating recycling means we can sell it for around £500,000 per year. This money is reinvested back into the services we provide. We are very different to many other councils, including those in Leicestershire, who do not benefit from this income as they collect recycling mixed together in one wheelie bin.

We understand that waste collections are important to you and thank you for your patience in recent months. We know it’s not been easy to keep track of collection dates and we’re aiming to rollout an app for mobile phones next year that will make this easier in future.

Please continue to stay safe, follow social distancing guidelines and show the community spirit that is driving North West Leicestershire forward in these challenging times.

Best wishes

Bev Smith - Chief Executive of NWLDC

Cllr Richard Blunt - Leader of NWLDC

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Last updated: Mon 14 September, 2020 @ 16:11