We license live music - including the world famous Download Festival at Donington Park.

The Live Music Act 2012.

The Legislative Reform (Entertainment Licensing) Order 2014.

Its main aim of both pieces of legislation is to relax the licensing burden on those licence holders staging or looking to stage live music at their venue.

It removes the licensing requirements for:

  • Amplified live music between 8am and 11pm before audiences of no more than 500 people on premises authorised to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises
  • And unamplified live music between 8am and 11pm in all venues.

Where a premises continues to operate licensable activities (such as the sale of alcohol), any conditions relating to the activities above will be suspended unless they have been added following a licence review.

It is possible to reinstate or impose conditions about live music following a review of a premises licence or club premises certificate relating to premises authorised to supply alcohol for consumption on the premises.

The Live Music Act also removes licensing requirements for the provision of entertainment facilities. The premises licence application and variation forms have been amended to reflect this change.

In addition, it will widen the licensing exemption for live music integral to a performance of Morris dancing or dancing of a similar type, so that the exemption applies to live or recorded music instead of unamplified live music.

Although the changes to the law and the associated benefits to local musicians and their supporters are to be welcomed there is still a requirement that any music should not be loud enough as to cause a nuisance to neighbours.

Read the full Act of Parliament - the Live Music Act 2012

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