Air quality has a big effect on human health, the natural and man made environment and the climate.

The air quality objectives set out in the Air Quality (England) Regulations 2000, as amended by the Air Quality (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2002, provide the statutory basis for the air quality objectives under Local Air Quality Management in England. Local Authorities in England are expected to report on NO2, PM10 and SO2 as standard within their Annual Status Reports (ASR). Government does not expect local authorities to report annually on Benzene, 1,3-butadiene, Carbon Monoxide and Lead as objectives for these pollutants have been met for several years and are well below limit values

What is our role?

All councils have to assess the present and future air quality of their area in relation to the requirements of the Environment act 1995 - and identify the main sources of the pollutants affecting air quality.

Annual Review and Assessment Reports

The Review and Assesment reports are avilable on the Local Air Quality Review and Assessment webpage

Local authorities are required to submit an ASR each year.  The template Local Authorities are expected to follow for this report is provided in Technical Guidance (LAQM.TG16). The overall aim of this document is to report on progress in achieving reductions in concentrations of emissions relating to relevant pollutants below air quality objective levels. It is also where local authorities identify new or changing sources of emissions.

Core requirements of the ASR:

  • To report progress on the implementation of measures in the local air quality action plan and other measures and their impact in reducing concentrations below air quality objectives;
  • To provide a summary of monitoring/modelling data (either locally retrieved and/or from the national network) in order to assess the air quality situation in your area and likelihood of air quality breaches, and to provide the necessary evidence base for the impact of air quality measures;
  • To report on significant new developments that might affect local air quality; and
  • To present information in a public-facing executive summary for the lay reader so that the local public can more easily engage with local air quality issues and measures taken to improve it.

Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) In North West Leicestershire

Currently there are four AQMAs in North West Leicestershire:

Air quality monitoring in North West Leicestershire

The main method of air quality monitoring in the district is the use of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Diffusion tubes. More information can be found on the NO2 Diffusion tube page

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