Welcome to Environmental Protection

We deal with Environmental Health queries (public protection), planning enforcement and enviro crime queries within North West Leicestershire. 

Environmental Health queries include nuisance complaints, private housing problems and monitoring permitted processes within the district. We conduct investigations to ensure that individuals, businesses and other organisations are compliant with legislation in relation to these problems, which can lead to enforcement.

Planning enforcement involves conducting enquiries into complaints that we receive about breaches of planning conditions, unauthorised developments and other queries that, if deemed to be unlawful, then enforcement action can be taken to make sure offenders are compliant with appropriate legislation and planning permission.

There are two sides to enviro crime - enforcement and education. Enforcement means ensuring that problems such as untidy land, fly tipping and litter are resolved. Education includes running workshops, producing promotional material and working with local businesses and residents in relation to problems such as littering, dog fouling and fly tipping.

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