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Better Business for All



Better Business for All is a local partnership between businesses and regulators aimed at removing the regulatory barriers to growth and therefore raising the economic competitiveness of Leicester and Leicestershire.

Compliance with regulations can help your business provide a high and competitive standard of product that customers trust, help guard your business against liability, and highlight any inefficient use of resources. A good understanding of regulation can add value to your business.

Better Business for All provides your business with a simple, single point of access to free advice on business regulations from those best placed to support you, the regulators themselves. They can provide answers to queries relating to food safety, health & safety, pollution, waste, licensing, taxation, trading standards and fire safety. You can access this advice by ringing 0871 384 3185 or via

Better Business for All Advice Pack for Start Up Businesses

The pack aims to provide initial guidance on regulatory requirements for new and expanding businesses and a push in the right direction for further help and advice.

The pack is up on the LLEP website at and is completely free to download.

Which Organisations Are Involved?

The scheme is supported by the following organisations:

North West Leicestershire District Council

PDF Document 'Read What the Businesses Have to Say' (PDF Document, 0.14 Mb)

The partnership is supported by the Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO).

Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) are members of the Better Business For All Business Focus Panel and they have produced sector specific start up guides for businesses.  These guides can be accessed by the link below

Please complete our e-form questionnaire to find out how the scheme can assist your business.

Your enquiry will be answered within 14 working days.

Providing your business with a single point of access into the regulatory system.

T: 0871 384 3185

(Monday to Thursday 9:00-5:00. Friday 9:00-4:30)

(Note: Calls provided by BT will be charged at 8p per minute. Mobile and other providers charges will vary and are likely to cost more. All return calls from regulatory services are free.)

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