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Annual accounts and governance reports

The Statement of Accounts sets out our spending and is published in accordance with the Chartered Institute Public of Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) code of practice on Local Authority Accounting in the UK.

Annual governance reports

Our external auditors are required by the Audit Commission's Code of Practice to issue an Annual Governance Report to the Council, on completion of their audit, demonstrating that the Code's objectives have been addressed, summarising all issues of significance arising from their work.

A copy of this report and previous Audit Letters:

Annual Governance Statements (AGS)

The Annual Governance Statement which has been prepared in accordance with the appropriate guidance is no longer included in the statement of accounts - but is still subject to audit is approved by the Audit and Governance Committee.

Section 4 of the AGS summarises the review process that has been undertaken to review the effectiveness of the Council’s governance statement, and the sources of evidence that have been considered as part of the review.

Section 5 of the AGS sets out any significant issues which have arisen from the review of effectiveness, and proposals for addressing them. If required the AGS has to include a section on any relevant significant post balance sheet events which may occur up until the signing of the final statement of accounts.

Our external auditors, KPMG, has reviewed the AGS and confirmed that it complies with the CIPFA/SOLACE framework and that it is not misleading or inconsistent with any other information they are aware of from their audit of the financial statements.

Annual governance statement 2015-16 (PDF Document, 0.51 Mb)

Annual governance statement 2014-15 (PDF Document, 0.43 Mb)

Annual Governance Statement 2013-14 (PDF Document, 0.48 Mb)

Annual Governance Statement 12-13 (PDF Document, 0.51 Mb)

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