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Pre-application advice

We strongly recommend you find out more about your prospects of getting permission by asking us for pre-application advice. It could save you time and money later.  

We're happy to provide advice on the likelihood of gaining an approval - on an informal, non-prejudicial, basis. The only way you can get a definitive decision is to submit a formal application.

We don't charge for minor development advice and getting pre-application advice can often identify any potential difficulties before you incur the cost of a planning application fee and fees for architects and planning agents.

Minor development pre-application advice

If you want an informal officer view ahead of any formal planning application for a minor scheme, please either fill out our Pre-Application Advice form (PDF Document, 0.2 Mb) or email, providing as much detail as possible. 

Minor schemes include; householder extensions and alterations, residential developments of fewer than 10 dwellings and commercial / industrial works smaller than 1,000sqm. 

Major development pre-application advice

Major Developments include, residential development involving 10 or more new homes and non-residential developments of 1,000sqm and above.

For pre-application advice on a major scheme, please complete Form PAA1 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb). Detailed information can be found in the Pre-Application Advice Procedures for Major and Strategic Development (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)


In all cases we aim to respond to enquiries in writing within 20 working days wherever possible (although please see the Pre-Application Advice Procedures for Major and Strategic Development (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb) for more detailed advice on the timescales for providing responses to requests for pre-application advice on major schemes).


Minor developments do not incur a cost for pre-application advice – but always check first. 

Pre-application advice for major schemes can be time consuming - so we charge for the most complex applications. 

Strategic proposal

Residential: 50 dwellings or more

Commercial: 10,000+ sqm floor space

Pre-application advice fee (inc VAT): £3,400

Major proposal

Residential: 10 to 49 dwellings

Commercial: 1,000 to 9,999 sqm floor space

Pre-application advice fee (inc VAT): £1,800

Useful information

You may also find it useful to refer to the council's policies contained within the North West Leicestershire Local Plan and Supplementary Planning Guidance / Supplementary Planning Documents, as well as those within National Planning Policy.

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