Complete our and one of our Pest Control Officers will be in touch to offer advice or discuss treatment options. If you woud like to arrange an appointment please call our Customer Service Team on 01530 454545.

Domestic Charges

£46 will cover up to 4 visits (free to people receiving some benefits).

£20 call out fee will be charged if treatment is not needed.

Commercial Charges

£115 will cover up to 4 visits (this is a minimum charge which may increase following an assessment at the initial visit)

£56.00 call out fee will be charged if treatment is not needed.

We also provide commercial contracts. To discuss your requirements please call us on 01530 454545.

Signs of Mice

  • Sightings of mice along with footprints and black greasy marks 
  • Gnawed boxes and cables
  • Droppings can be found anywhere (ie  behind cooker, airing cupboard, fridge). They resemble small black grains of rice
  • Mice will build nests in many places, under floorboards, wall cavities and loft spaces
  • Noises in voids such as wall cavities and lofts
  • There are two types of mouse. A house mouse which is grey in colour and approximately 70mm in size and a field mouse is brown with a white tummy and is approximately 100mm in size 


  • A young mouse can get through a gap that a ball point pen can fit through. Therefore ensure gaps beneath external doors are sealed
  • Holes surrounding pipes can be blocked with wire wool or mesh and then filled with cement or expanding foam
  • Ensure damaged or old style air vents are covered or replaced with fine mesh
  • Wall climbing plants should be trimmed or removed
  • Store your food off the ground in sealed containers and clear up food spillages immediately
  • Avoid the build up of domestic waste and store outside in a wheeled bin
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Last updated: Thu 15 April, 2021 @ 11:34