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Changes in circumstances

While you're getting Housing Benefit, Local Housing Allowance and / or Council Tax Support, you must tell us in writing about any changes in your circumstances which may alter your award.

What you have to tell us is different depending on whether you get Pension Credit or not.

For Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance claims, if you don't tell us within one month of the change happening, you may only get an increase in your benefit from when you tell us about the change.

Warning: If you don't tell us about a change, and you get too much benefit, you'll have to repay it and may be prosecuted.

Use our on-line form to report your change, or you can download a paper form on this page.

If you would like any more information about changes in circumstances, please contact us.

Please note that we are currently doing telephone reviews on selected claims for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support - so you may get a phone call to talk about your claim. This could be outside of normal office hours.

If you have any questions about these reviews, please call us on 01455 255685.

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