If you would like some advice then please complete our pest advice form and one of our pest technicians will contact you to discuss.  Please see below for details on the treatments and advice that we offer.

You can book an appointment online, or please contact our customer services team by calling 01530 454545.

Our long standing professionally qualified and reliable Pest Control Officers offer a discreet, competitively priced pest control service for both Residential homes and Commercial properties across North West Leicestershire. 

We can offer advice on identifying the pest as well as treatment and prevention. Our pest technicians are members of the National Pest Technicians Association

We offer advice and treatment for the following pests:

Type of pest  Domestic Commercial Number of visits included Free for people claiming benefits? Other information
Call out charge only Treatment cost (including call out) Call out charge only Treatment cost (including call out) upto 2 hrs
Rats £36 £55 £51.50 £132 Upto 4 visits Yes Internal (higher priority) and external rats treated 
Ants N/A £37.50 N/A £132  1 No Will treat internal infestation only

Property up to 4 bedrooms  - £68.00

Property 5 plus bedrooms - £88.00

 1  Yes Afternoon appointments only
Cockroaches £36 £68 £51.50 £132 1 Yes
Fleas £36 £68 £51.50 £132  1 Yes Afternoon appointments only 
Cluster Flies £36 £68 £51.50 £132  1 No  
Mice £36 £55 £51.50 £132 Upto 4 visits Yes Will treat internal only 
Squirrels £36 £88 £51.50 £132 Upto 4 visits No
Wasps £36 £60.50 £51.50 £132  1 Yes

Further charges will apply for additional nests 



North West Leicestershire District Council does not offer treatment for bees. If you find a nest or swarm of bees the species needs to be identified to determine what action to take. You will need to identify whether they are honey bees or another type of bee.

Please click on this link to identify the type of bee - Bee identification.

If the bees are honey bees please search online for your local Bee Keeper – Contact them directly and ask for advice. They may come and remove the nest, but will be able to advise you what to do.

If the bees are not honey bees and they are located near a door or window or other place that poses a danger you or others, you should contact any other licensed Pest Controller. We work closely with a licensed Pest Control company, Tennals Pest Control Ltd, who will provide this treatment service if the conditions are met. Their contact details are:

Tennals Pest Control Ltd on 0121 543 6318 or alternatively email them on : team@t-pest.co.uk

School Visits

Our Officers will happily visit schools to give interactive, interesting talks to the pupils about the most common pests.  These visits are delivered in a light hearted, positive and informative manner, advising on both facts and myths appropriate to the age of the students.

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