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Here you can apply for our current vacancies and find information about our application process including what you can expect from us if you join our team.

Our Equality Statement:

"NWLDC will carry out analysis in relation to: access to services, the effect of services, proposed policies and changes to existing policies, in respect of the nine protected characteristics."

Why work for us? Employee Benefits

We are committed to helping you be the best version of yourself. Through our excellent training opportunities, organisational benefits and recognition schemes, we want your talent and skills to continually improve and develop whilst accommodating your needs the best we can. We are an organisation that encourages our staff to recognise and celebrate each other’s hard work, achievements and talents as well as supporting continual personal development to help you in whichever path you choose to take whilst working with us.

Take a look at our Employee Benefits

Our Values and Behaviours

We want to attract employees who believe in our values and behaviours and our application process is designed to help you demonstrate how your skills, behaviours, knowledge and style fit our values.

Learn more about our values, behaviours and see some of our very own examples

NWLDC's corporate values

Awards and Recognition

See what awards we have recently won/been shortlisted for, and the recognition schemes we have in place 


Any apprenticeships that we have on offer will be advertised here.

For further information about potential apprenticeships, please email

Workforce data

Periodically we publish workforce data about our organisation that you may be interested in. When there is new data to publish you will be able to find it here.

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