There are a number of ways you can reuse or dispose of bulky waste items such as furniture and electrical goods.

Our bulky waste collection service

You can book a bulky waste collection online or by calling customer services on 01530 454545. Please note this service is for residents / household items and not for commercial waste.

Upholstered / soft furnishing items can no longer be collected as part of our standard bulky waste collection service due to changes in government legislation. These types of items can contain persistent organic pollutants (POPs) which are a danger to human health and the environment. We can still collect upholstered / soft furnishing bulky waste items, but they must be booked and collected separately.

When do bulky waste collections take place?

You will need to confirm the items you would like to have collected and where you will be leaving them.

What does it cost? 2024 - 25 prices

Non-upholstered / non-soft furnishing items

1-3 items = £25 + £6.20 per additional item, for up to six items.

7-9 items = £68.60 + £6.20 per additional item, for up to twelve items.

Upholstered / soft furnishing items

1-3 items = £37.50 + £7.80 per additional item, for up to six items. Please note you can only book a collection for a maximum of six upholstered / soft furnishing items.

Cost information

All prices shown are per collection. For example, if you have one soft furnishing item and one non-soft furnishing item for collection, you will need to book two separate collections at a cost of £25 and £37.50, totalling £62.50.

If you receive housing benefit, council tax support or certain means tested benefits, you are entitled to two free collections per household, per year (maximum of six items per collection). Please have proof of benefits ready before you call.

What can we collect?

List accepted bulky waste collection items (non-upholstered / non-soft furnishing items) (PDF Document, 0.11 Mb)

List of accepted upholstered or soft furnishing bulky waste items (POPs) (PDF Document, 0.11 Mb)

We cannot accept asbestos - for advice on the disposal of asbestos please contact Leicestershire County Council on 0116 305 0001.

Mattresses must be in reasonable/clean condition for us to take. We will not take soft furnishings that have mould or pet waste on, or that have been soiled beyond what our crew consider to be reasonable. The decision will be made by the crew who can assess the item at the time of the collection.

If the item is rejected and is the only item on the booking we will make a refund. If there are a total of two - three items on the booking and one is rejected, no refund will be made. If there are more than three items, we will refund the £6.20 / £7.80 charge for the rejected item.

Upholstered / soft furnishing items - new POPs guidance

What are POPs?

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are chemical substances that do not break down in the environment. They are a danger to human health and the environment.

The manufacture, sale and use of products containing POPs is now banned however many types of waste upholstered domestic seating contain POPs.

Due to new laws, we must avoid mixing waste upholstered domestic seating containing POPs with other types of waste during collection.

What items may contain POPs?

Upholstered items of household seating may contain POPs. This includes any part made of or containing leather, synthetic leather, other fabric, or foam. Therefore, items such as sofas, armchairs, home office chairs and padded/upholstered stools and bean bags.

Take a look at our list of items that may contain POPs. Mattresses, curtains, blinds and beds are not domestic seating and are not covered by this guidance.

Can we collect bulky waste items containing POPs?

Yes, but we will need to collect them separately to any items that do not contain POPs.

Upholstered and soft furnishing items (that may contain POPS) are collected on a Thursday and can be booked online or by calling 01530 454545.

Non-upholstered and non-soft furnishing items that are not at risk of containing POPs are collected on a Wednesday and need to be booked separately - you can do this online or by calling 01530 454545.

What if my upholstered / soft furnishing POPs items are damaged?

All rips and tears in upholstered / soft furnishing items must be taped up or repaired before collection. Where rips and tears are not taped up, we will not be able to collect your items.

Marlene Reid Centre Furniture Warehouse

This local charity will collect good quality furniture free of charge from homes in North West Leicestershire. Proceeds from the sale of donated items helps to support the charity's work in supporting the local community.

For more information please telephone 01530 510 515 or visit the website

Recycling and household waste sites

You can take items to the recycling and household waste sites at Ashby Road, Coalville, Nottingham Road, Lount and Hathern Road, Shepshed.These sites are run by Leicestershire County Council. Please note you may require a permit if taking a van or trailer to the Household Waste Sites.

Safe and legal disposal

It's always the responsibility of the person creating the waste to make sure it is disposed of in a responsible and legal way. You should only let approved companies, registered with the Environment Agency, take your waste away. Ask for identification or a telephone number to ring to check their ID.

You can also check if a company is registered to dispose of waste on the Environment Agency's website.

Local household waste sites, our bulky waste service and all the local reuse options are available for safe and legal disposal of scrap metal and electrical goods.

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