There are lots of other 'duty bodies' that have similar obligations as the council, and it is important to be aware of the bodies and areas for which they are responsible.

It is fairly common for the council to recieve complaints regarding litter on, for example, a part of the motorway, and it can be difficult to explain that different organisations have a responsibility for different areas.

Other buildings and land owned by the Council

The responsibility to keep the area clean lies with those who own the land, for example, our housing department.


The Highways Agency is responsible for picking up litter from motorways. We all know that one of the first impressions visitors to the area form is as their car slows down to exit the motorway.

Private land

We can't enter private land to clear litter or flytipping. It is the owner's responsibility to clear any litter. This also includes land or buildings owned by Parish Councils, and the County Council, within North West Leicestershire.

Railway land

Network Rail is the duty body in respect of most railway land and they have a number of operational arrangements in place to keep these areas free of litter. The rail authority is responsible for most rail land structures. This includes the area under the new Phoenix Green bridge across from the council offices.

The canal network

British Waterways is responsible for the litter control along the canal network, and this responsibility extends to towpaths and canal embankments.

Removal or spraying of weeds

This is the responsibility of the County Council and the work is carried out by the highway authority - Leicestershire County Council.

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