Public consultation

All councils are expected to consult on specific areas of their service delivery. This allows service users and other interested parties to have to opportunities to be involved in planning, prioritising and monitoring of services. It also gives customers an opportunity to see all consultation activity, both current and in the past, and a mechanism for customers to research satisfaction with service delivery, opinions about specific projects and looks at lifestyle profiles which helps us design better local services.


  • Consultations

    Information about North West Leicestershire District Council's Consultation Hub - known as Citizen Space,

  • Council Delivery Plan 2010/11

    The Council adopted its first Council Delivery Plan in April 2005. Since then, the Plan has evolved over time to reflect both the changing environment in which the Council is operating and the progress that has been made on our Journey of Improvement...

  • Current consultations

    Current consultations about North West Leicestershire District Council services