Childcare is dealt with by Leicestershire County Council. Visit their site to find a wealth of information on the subject.

Alternatively, the DirectGov website has a childcare finder which can be used to find childminders, out of school care and holiday schemes, playgroups, preschools and toddler groups.

Free childcare

Some two year olds are eligible for 15 hours of free childcare. For more information about free childcare

Free 2 year old childcare (PDF Document, 2.86 Mb)

All three and four year olds are eligible for 15 hours of free childcare. For more information on free childcare for three and four year olds

Free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds (PDF Document, 0.72 Mb)

Your local Children’s Centre can give you support to access free childcare if you need it. Telephone the Children’s Centre hub on 0116 3055993 for more details.

There's also a SureStart finder for details about local centres. Find out more about SureStart centres and services in North West Leicestershire:

Surestart in north west leicestershire 2014-15 (PDF Document, 1.87 Mb)

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Last updated: Fri 13 February, 2015 @ 14:10