You might not even notice we're there... but you would soon notice if we weren't. 

We have a 13 person and 10 vehicle team - all dedicated to keeping your streets clean.

How we do it?

Our work is roughly made up of:

  • 75% scheduled work
  • 25% non-scheduled (proactive / reactive) work.

Scheduled work

This includes:

  • Emptying litter bins
  • Litter picking urban areas with persistant litter problems
  • Litter picking the grass verges on large roads such as the A511 and A42
  • Road and footway sweeping in town and village centres
  • Road sweeping of main approach roads and roundabouts
  • Road sweeping in residential areas
  • Road sweeping on rural roads.

Who does it?

2 x two person teams empty all the litter bins and litter pick in urban areas:

  • The inner route: Coalville, Thringstone, Whitwick, Hugglescote etc
  • The outer route: Ashby, Castle Donington, Kegworth, Measham etc.

Two small mechanical footway sweepers operate in town and village centres:

  • Coalville town centre
  • Ashby, Castle Donington, Kegworth, Measham and Ibstock.

Two large mechanical sweepers and one medium mechanical sweeper (used for turning heads, cul de sacs and wide footways). Together these vehicles cover all kerbed roads.

Non-scheduled work

This includes:

  • Removing fly-tips
  • Clearing unexpected litter accumulation
  • Remedial works to bring an area back to an acceptable standard
  • Removing roadkill
  • Removing offensive graffiti on council property
  • Litter bin maintenance / reports of vandalism
  • Clearing up smashed glass
  • Removing discarded syringes from a public area.

To make a request for non-scheduled work, please email or call us on 01530 454545

Who does it?

We operate three different vehicles for the non-scheduled work, as the work can vary so much:

  • 1 Hiab lifter lorry for removal of large flytips
  • 1 caged lorry with side lift for removal of flytips and other jobs
  • 1 panel van with tool kit for litter bin maintenance / graffiti removal.

Last updated: Tue 24 October, 2023 @ 11:09