Discretionary Rate Relief is available to certain types of non-profit-making organisations.

The relief can be up to 20% if the organisation already receives charitable relief, or up to 100% if only discretionary relief is allowed.

To qualify for this relief the organisation must be non-profit making and it's aims must be either charitable or to promote social welfare (including promoting education, sports, literature, art, recreation and science).

Membership of the organisation must be open to all members of the community and equal status must be available to all members.

The organisation will normally be expected to make its facilities available to the general public where this is possible.

Fill in this form to Charitable mandatory discretionary relief application form (PDF Document, 0.35 Mb).

Discretionary Rate Relief for other types of business.

Any type of business can apply for discretionary rate relief.  However, the council will only award relief if it is in the interests of Council Tax payers, the application is in line with criteria set out in the Discretionary Rate Relief Guidelines and it is financially viable for the Council to do so.  

For further information please see the following:

Non-Domestic Rate Discretionary Relief policy (PDF Document, 0.55 Mb)

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