Air pollution

Each council has responsibility for measuring the quality of ambient air to ensure that it meets required standards in relation to the concentration of a defined range of pollutants such as lead, nitrogen dioxide, benzene etc. The local authority is also required to keep a copy of any orders made under the Clean Air Act 1993: Part III s18-22, Sch.1 (plus related Regulations and Orders under the Act). This information is available from


  • Air Quality in the Northern Parishes

    overview of air quality in the Northern parishes

  • Air quality monitoring - NO2 diffusion tubes

    NO2 diffusion tubes are used for ambient air monitoring within the district. They can be an excellent tool for any Pollution Assessment Survey or on-going study. Capable of providing long term assessments for modelling or determining air management locations at a low cost.

  • AQMA Castle Donington

    Information about the Castle Donington Air Quality Managment Area

  • AQMA Coalville

    Information about the Air Quality Management Area - Coalville

  • AQMA Copt Oak

    Information about the Copt Oak Air Quality Managment Area

  • AQMA High Street Kegworth

    Information about the Air Quality Managment Area - High Street Kegworth

  • Automatic monitoring

    Information on real time air quality monitoring in north west Leicestershire

  • Bonfire Rules

    A smoky bonfire could be actionable under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Ensure you are following our bonfire rules to minimise health and safety risks, avoid becoming a nuisance and protect the environment.

  • Local air quality review and assessment

    Air quality is continually reveiwed and assessed on a yearly basis. The council is required to produce a report outlining what monitoring has been undertaken in the district

  • Longmoor Colliery monitoring data

    UkCoal currently monitor dust emissions from Longmoor Colliery as a requirement of its planning permission.

  • Pollution Control

    Information about pollution, licensing and the law in North West Leicestershire

  • Radon gas

    Radon is a natural radioactive gas. You cannot see, hear, feel or taste it. It comes from the minute amounts of uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soils. Radon is present in all parts of the UK, although the gas disperses outdoors so levels are generally very low.