Council performance

Central Government (in England and Wales) or the Scottish Executive (in Scotland) requires each local authority to collect and publish a range of performance indicators reflecting the services the authority provides. The indicators are verified by an external auditor from the Audit Commission (England and Wales) or Audit Scotland.


  • Annual Reports

    For information on our current performance and plans for the future please see the Performance page of our website.

  • Council Delivery Plan 2010/11

    The Council adopted its first Council Delivery Plan in April 2005. Since then, the Plan has evolved over time to reflect both the changing environment in which the Council is operating and the progress that has been made on our Journey of Improvement...

  • Our performance

    Information on North West Leicestershire District Council's corporate performance, strategic planning, vision and priorities. Includes links to the Council Delivery Plan for 2016/17 and performance reports to the Council's Cabinet.

  • Performance archive

    This page archives information on past Council performance, including Best Value Performance Plans, Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA), Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) and previous Council Delivery Plans.

  • Performance reporting

    View performance reports presented to the Council's Cabinet.

  • Tell us what you think

    We want to improve our services - and the best way is for you to tell us what you think. Do it here.