Our vision is: "North West Leicestershire will be a place where people and businesses feel they belong and are proud to call home"

Our priorities for 2021-2022

During 2021-22 we will be focusing on five priority areas:

•  Supporting Coalville to be a more vibrant, family-friendly town

•  Our communities are safe, healthy and connected

•  Local people live in high quality, affordable homes

•  Supporting businesses and helping people into local jobs

•  Developing a clean and green district

What we plan to achieve

It is important that we monitor, record and report on performance to demonstrate that we are achieving our priorities. We are committed to continuously improving our performance in the areas our customers value most.

The Council Delivery Plan sets out what we want to achieve for the communities of North West Leicestershire and how we plan to do it.

Council Delivery Plan - 2021-2022 (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

Our performance

We report our performance against the Council Delivery Plan to the Cabinet four times during the year. 

You can search for information on Cabinet meeting dates using the Executive Decisions list.

You can also view reports presented to Cabinet by visiting our performance reporting page.

Reporting what we've achieved

Our End of Year Report gives details of what we've achieved against what we said we would do. 

End of year report 2017-18 (PDF Document, 10.76 Mb)

Residents' survey 2015/16

Residents' survey 2015/16 (PDF Document, 1.17 Mb)

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