Our vision is: "North West Leicestershire will be a place where people and businesses feel they belong and are proud to call home"

Our priorities for 2023 - 2028

We will focus on these priority areas:

  • Planning and regeneration
    Economic growth and the physical development of the district 
  • Communities and housing 
    Looking after our tenants and keeping our communities safe 
  • Clean, green and zero carbon
    Looking after the environment we live in 
  • A well-run council 
    Making sure our services are provided in a positive and friendly way, that we provide value for money and that our finances are in good order

What we plan to achieve

It is important that we monitor, record and report on performance to demonstrate that we are achieving our priorities. We are committed to continuously improving our performance in the areas our customers value most.

The Council Delivery Plan sets out what we want to achieve for the communities of North West Leicestershire and how we plan to do it.

Council Delivery Plan 2023 - 2028 (PDF Document, 2.9 Mb)

Our performance

We report our performance against the Council Delivery Plan to the Cabinet four times during the year. 

You can search for information on Cabinet meeting dates using the Executive Decisions list.

You can also view reports presented to Cabinet by visiting our performance reporting page.

Customer service standards

We put customers at the heart of what we do and we strive to deliver a positive experience. We are constantly reviewing our Customer Service experience, by doing this we can help identify areas that we need to improve. You can see How we are peforming?

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