How long will my tenancy last ?

The vast majority of property these days are let on what is known as 'Assured Shorthold Tenancies'.

Though there are other types of tenancy or license we will concentrate on shortholds.

Normally a shorthold tenancy will run for six or 12 months. This gives you a fixed period for which you will have the right to occupy the property. Equally you will have the duty to pay the rent for that property.
At the end of the fixed period there are choices:

  1. You can leave the property and claim back your deposit
  2. The landlord may offer you another fixed term period
  3. The landlord may allow the tenancy to roll over.

If the landlord chooses to allow the tenancy to 'roll over' it can only be brought to an end by either party giving sufficient notice. Normally this would be two months for the landlord or one month for the tenant.

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