What type of tenancy do I have?

The vast majority of people who rent their home are on assured shorthold tenancies (AST), but other agreements do exist which afford different levels of rights.

For tenants who are not on an AST, if they are a council or housing association tenant then they may be on a secured or assured tenancy which holds increased rights against eviction and for passing on tenancies.

In contrast, if a tenant lives in accommodation that is occupied by their landlord, rented from the Crown, a student residence, or a hostel or bed and breakfast then they may have only basic rights.

People whose accommodation is provided by their job or is part of agricultural premises are covered by different rules.

If your rent is more than £25,000 a year, you will have a standard tenancy contract, not an assured shorthold tenancy contract. This is a throwback to when ASTs were first introduced and £25,000 annual rent was a very high amount.

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