Why build homes in villages without facilities?

So much of the old council housing stock has been sold in the villages of North West Leicestershire under the Right to Buy. This has left many communities with little or even no affordable housing for their young people seeking a home of their own.

The result can be devastating for some areas where there are no longer enough children to keep the school open, not enough people to use the village shop leading to its closure and in some areas even the pub can be under threat.

The villages become full of older people or working commuters with no young people or no one around during the day to help them to create a vibrant community.

Sustainability is far more than living on a bus route - there are family support and ties which are just as important.

If local people are unable to afford to live in an area informal social and care networks and family support networks that are essential elements in villages with limited facilities are undermined. Mixed communities are more sustainable, affordable housing can contribute to the sustainability of a parish.

Affordable housing can bring other benefits to villages, such as sports amenities, car parking facilities, allotments or premises for a community shop, as facilities may be provided as part of the housing project.