Brand new gym unveiled at Measham Leisure Centre

Published: Wed 6 March, 2024

People standing in front of Measham Leisure Centre's new gym, cutting red ribbon.

Measham Leisure Centre had the red tape cut, signalling the opening of a brand-new gym.

North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) have invested £307,000 into providing the Leisure Centre with state-of-the-art gym equipment and a new virtual spin room that can be used for exercise classes.

The gym is kitted out with new Matrix-branded equipment such as treadmills, multi-functional strength machines, pull-down machines, exercise bikes and multiple dumbbells varying in different weights.

People standing in front of Measham Leisure Centre's new gym.

Councillor Michael Wyatt, NWLDC Portfolio Holder for Community Services and Climate Change, said: “This is part of our investment into leisure to areas around the district and I am proud to make exercise more accessible to the people of Measham.

“I am hoping this increases the memberships to the leisure centre and gets people more active within the community.”