Four weeks left to give feedback on recycling containers

Published: Fri 15 March, 2024

Three different types of recycling bins in front of large stacks of aluminium bales

More than 10,000 people have responded to a survey about recycling containers in North West Leicestershire.

With four weeks to go until the survey closes on Sunday 14 April, 10,587 people have given their views. 

Find out more about the three options and complete the survey online.

We are asking residents for their views on three options:

  • Two bins – Two wheelie bins for separated recycling
    Two sizes would be available – 180 litres (measuring 57.8cm x 64.5cm x 105cm), or 240 litre (measuring 57.5cm x 72.4cm x 106.6cm)
  • Two stackable recycling trolleys – Each wheeled frame would hold three separate boxes
    Each trolley measures 66cm x 70cm x 114cm
  • A Quatro bin – A large wheelie bin separated into four sections for different types of recycling
    Available in two sizes - 240 litre (measuring 57.5cm x 73cm x 105.5cm) or 370 litre (measuring 77cm x 80.5cm x 123.5cm)

More information

More information – on the sizes of the different options and how they compare to the current boxes and bags, as well as a video showing how the different options would be used – is available on the website at

Anyone who would like to see the different options in person can call in to the council’s Customer Centre on Belvoir Road in Coalville. They will be on display until Friday 12 April.

Next steps

The results of the consultation will be reviewed by the council’s waste team, before a recommendation is made to Cabinet and a decision is made. The council will then draft a plan for introducing the new system in line with government change.

Councillor Michael Wyatt, NWLDC Portfolio Holder for Community and Climate Change, said: “Waste and recycling collections are the one thing that impacts on every single household in the district, so it’s really important that we know what people would prefer as we think about changing our collection system.

“We’re delighted with the response to our survey so far, which has outstripped any consultation we’ve done previously. I’m not surprised – it’s the one thing that everyone has an opinion about.”