Coalville Shopmobility offers anyone who struggles to get around the use of a scooter or manual wheelchair.

It helps people do their shopping, use the amenities of the town centre and enjoy its surroundings or just to take in the sights with freedom and ease during the day.

Anyone who has difficulty walking whether temporary or permanent can use the Shopmobility service and joining the scheme is easy.

The service is supported by NWLDC and by selling second hand books and medical aids (scooters, zimmer frames, wheeled walkers etc). Donations are always welcome.

All the staff are volunteers who freely give up their time to help out.


Coalville Shopmobility is in the Belvoir Centre, near to HSBC. Parking in Coalville is free for Blue Badge holders.

Membership and cost

Membership for Shopmobility is £10 per year, and an extra £3 every time you visit. They require two proofs of identity when you join - one must include your address. You can use the scheme immediately after joining.

Longer term hire is also available on scooters and wheelchairs, please enquire directly for pricing. 


Shopmobility equipment can only be used on a daily basis.

Contact details and bookings

You can pre-book equipment to ensure availability and a swifter service. You can book by telephone on 07879 990957 or in person at the Coalville Shopmobility office.

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 9am to 2pm.

All equipment must be returned a minimum of 10 minutes before closing.

Equipment offered

Coalville Shopmobility has large, medium, and small electric scooters, also manual wheelchairs that are loaned to elderly and disabled people to enable them to access Coalville town centre.

We will bring the scooter or manual wheelchair to your vehicle if necessary.

Using the equipment

All new customers are given detailed instructions on how to operate the equipment and are given extra practice time if necessary to familiarise themselves with the vehicle and its controls.  

The staff will ensure you are confident, in full control and happy to take the equipment into the town centre. Most of our volunteers have mobility problems themselves and are very understanding and patient.

Members can also hire scooters and wheelchairs from us whilst on holiday away from Coalville. Visit or phone the shop for details and costs.


Your safety and the safety of other pedestrians must be taken into account at all times.

You should be aware that pedestrians may occasionally walk out in front of you without looking or may stop suddenly (especially with children).

It is essential that in particularly busy areas of the town centre, speed should be kept to a minimum and never driven faster than a walking pace.

Shopmobility is covered by public liability insurance - but the user is responsible for manoevering the equipment safely.


Accidents occasionally happen. But if you are involved in an accident of any description irrespective of any damage or injury, it must be reported to Shopmobility on return of the loaned equipment.

Your membership could be affected if you fail to do so.

Service aims and objectives

Coalville Shopmobility strives to offer a helpful, friendly and reassuring service to all customers requiring mobility equipment to make the most of the town centre. We aim to make your visit to Coalville both easy and pleasurable.

Our aims are:

  • To enable those with mobility problems to maintain or regain their independence thus helping to maintain dignity and quality of life
  • To promote a positive and healthy approach to aging and disability
  • To act as a catalyst to other accessibility improvements in Coalville and support a good town design and accessible transport

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