We will:

  • Treat you politely and respectfully
  • Listen to you carefully and take your views seriously
  • Make sure our employees are trained to give you the help you need
  • Use plain language in all communications
  • Provide information in other languages and accessible formats on request
  • Arrange for a British Sign Language Interpreter on request
  • Treat you fairly and in confidence

When answering the telephone we will:

  • Aim to answer your call within five rings
  • Tell you who you are speaking to and the name of the service
  • Put calls through to the right place, first time
  • Take a message or give you the correct number to telephone if we cannot transfer your call
  • Return your calls within one working day
  • When dealing with your letters and faxes we will:
  • Provide an acknowledgement when requested
  • Provide you with details of the person dealing with your enquiry
  • Respond within five working days

When dealing with your e-mails we will:

  • Acknowledge the receipt of all e-mails within one working day
  • Respond within five working days

When you visit our buildings we will:

  • Create an accessible environment that is welcoming, safe and friendly
  • Provide clear signage
  • Provide self service facilities for appropriate services
  • Greet you promptly

When we meet you face-to-face we will:

  • Be on time
  • Wear name badges and show official identification on appropriate visits
  • Arrange a time and place for you to discuss issues in private
  • Where appropriate, make other arrangements to visit you if you cannot visit us

When dealing with complaints, comments and compliments we will:

  • Provide you with information about how to report a complaint, comment or compliment
  • Record all complaints, comments and compliments and use them to help review and improve our services
  • Acknowledge all complaints within two working days
  • Respond to all complaints within ten working days
  • Treat complaints confidentially and fairly
  • Tell you how you can take your complaint further if you are not satisfied with our response
  • Apologise when we are at fault and do our very best to put things right

We will keep customers informed and involved by:

  • Producing accurate, useful and up to date information about the Council and our services
  • Publishing annually our performance against these Customer Services Standards

Our employees have the right to:

  • Work in a safe environment free from aggressive or threatening behaviour
  • Be treated politely and respectfully
  • Take appropriate action in confrontational situations
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Last updated: Tue 1 October, 2019 @ 09:49