There are a number of different application forms which must be used for planning and similar applications submitted in England. Copies of most of them (and their associated guidance notes) can be downloaded below.

Please use the paper form choose tool to select your application type, and download the relevant application form. If you cannot find the correct one for your development below, or are unsure of which one to use, all of the forms are available on the Planning Portal, and the Portal will help select the right form for you using its Paper Form Chooser.

Alternatively, applications can be made fully online via the Planning Portal; if you make your application online, the Planning Portal website will select the correct form for the type of development proposed.


A guidance to fees for planning applications

Planning portal fee calculator

Ownership certificates

The 1APP forms now include the relevant ownership certificates, so separate certificates no longer need to be submitted.

But should it be necessary to serve notice on an owner(s) prior to completing the ownership certificates in the 1APP forms, this should be done using notice 1 or notice 2 as appropriate.

Requirements for application submissions

Following changes to the law in 2008, all applications submitted to us must now be supported by the documents set out in the National and Local Requirements for Applications. 

We updated this list in July 2013, in conjunction with the majority of councils in Leicestershire, in an attempt to help standardise requirements accross the county:

National and Local Requirements for Planning Applications (July 2013) (Word Document, 1.71 Mb)

Other application forms

Scheduled monument consent application forms and guidance notes (available on the Historic England website, and to be returned to that organisation, not the District Council)

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