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Wherever and whatever you eat, you want to be confident the food you buy is safe. 

We have a legal responsibility to register any business selling food - and we also offer residents and visitors advice about how to eat safely. 

You can check how clean and safe a food business is by checking its rating.

How can I avoid infections? 

Thorough hand washing and drying is the most important factor in preventing the spread of gastro-intestinal infection.

  • Thoroughly clean hands and nails by washing well with soap and hot water especially after visiting the toilet. Keep nails cut short
  • Wash hands after: handling the patient, handling their bedding, handling their clothing, and handling sick room equipment
  • Always wash your hands before preparing or serving food. If you are unwell, if possible, avoid preparing food until you are symptom free
  • Always wash your hands before eating meals
  • Disinfect toilet seats, flush handles, wash hand basin taps and toilet door handles daily
  • Do not share eating utensils and drinking cups
  • Do not share towels or nailbrushes
  • Particular attention should be given to making sure children wash their hands regularly and do not put objects or fingers in their mouths (easier said than done of course!)

Find out more about food poisoning - or contact us for advice. 

Last updated: Tue 12 March, 2024 @ 09:54