Methods of payment

Have you received a reminder letter for paying your Business Rates?

This link will give you information about how to pay. The information is also shown on the front of your notice together with the amounts and dates by which payments must be made.

The normal method of payment is by monthly instalments, and the number of instalments will vary depending on when your notice is issued.

Where the notice is issued at the beginning of the financial year, the number of instalments will usually be 10. For notices issued during the financial year, a proportionate number of instalments will be arranged.

You can now ask to pay your notice over 12 instalments, from April to March. Please contact us and we will set this up for you.

The payment instructions on your notice will state the amount of your instalments and the date on which payment is due. Please note that you may pay more than the amounts due provided that payments are always made in advance - for example, half-yearly or annually.

Direct Debits for the payment of Business Rates can now be set up online:

Last updated: Thu 20 August, 2020 @ 17:09