At NWLDC we work according to five values:

Our values

We have been showcasing some fantastic examples of the values being lived out in our teams all across the council. Below you will find our organisation's values, the behaviours that sit beneath these, and the excellent members of staff that have displayed these. 

Trust: We are honest, fair and transparent and we value trust

  • I am responsive to others' needs, always being fair and honest
  • I am proactive in setting and meeting customer expectations
  • I create a positive environment where all our resources are valued and treated appropriately
  • I am accountable for my actions, meeting deadlines and making reliable decisions

Our story: Listen to a conversation between Emma and Emma discussing how important trust is as a corporate value, and their experience of being trusted and trusting others in their roles.

Growth: We will work together to grow and continually improve

  • I am committed to and take responsibility for developing myself and others
  • I actively seek and give feedback, reflecting on my learning
  • I am willing to take advice, adapt and am able to learn from my mistakes
  • I build and sustain successful partnerships and relationships

Our story: Watch as we talk with Tiegan about her journey of growth and development since she joined the council as an apprentice.

Excellence: We will always work to be the best that we can be

  • I am motivated to do my best, always demonstrating a 'can-do' attitude
  • I strive to find the best solution, looking for innovative ways to do things even better
  • I work efficiently, accurately and safely, utilising all available resources
  • I use information, creativity and experience to inform my work

Our story: Lee talks about why he gave positive feedback about Rebecca's work, and Rebecca talks about what it was like to receive that feedback. 

Respect: We respect each other and our customers in a diverse, professional and supportive environment

  • I strive to create an inclusive workplace where diversity is respected and celebrated
  • I work with and support others to achieve a common goal
  • I communicate clearly, being inclusive, constructive, honest and empathetic
  • I challenge myself and others to ensure we all have true understanding about what is being asked of us.

Our story: Whilst working in Ashby, Dan and another loader started talking regularly to an elderly resident and his wife. Just a few weeks later they discovered that the gentleman had suddenly died.

Over the month they got quite friendly with the widowed lady and would check in on her, just to see that she was ok and that was managing to get her bins out.

One Friday the lady came out as they arrived in the road and Dan noticed that she was quite visibly shaken and upset. When the lady tried to give him some money, alarm bells rang for Dan. He worried that she may have been also trying to give money to other people passing by and felt that she was particularly vulnerable at this time.

After speaking to his crew leader Clint and supervisor, a safeguarding referral was made for the lady.

We are now confident that, because of the care and respect shown for the lady, she is now receiving support and is less vulnerable.

Pride: We are proud of the role we play in making North West Leicestershire a happy, healthy & vibrant place to live and work

  • I am proud of our work, being inspired by our customers and people around me
  • I clearly understand our vision and my part in achieving this
  • I am curious, being open to new ideas and responding flexibly and positively to change
  • I value my wellbeing and that of others

Our story: When Planned Investment Contract Supervisor Pete called a tenant recently to arrange a survey, she told him that she’d been lying on the floor since 11am that day.  

It was 3pm, so Pete and Home Improvement Team Leader Dave immediately drove to the address, where the tenant managed to post a key through the letter box for them to get in.  

Dave lifted the tenant up and helped her to sit down, checking if she needed any medical attention or if she’d like any family or friends to be contacted.  

“The lady said she didn’t need any medical assistance and didn’t want family or friends to be notified, so I asked her if she would like a tea and put the kettle on," he said.  

“We stayed for 40 minutes to make sure she was ok - she seemed fine and in good shape. 

“Just knowing that we had both done something that potentially helped a vulnerable tenant gave us a strong sense of pride. We would not hesitate to do the same again if needed.”

In looking into the incident, the team found that the tenant has osteoarthritis and had had a number of falls recently. She is now receiving support from the Lifeline service, so she can raise the alarm if she has any more falls, and she has been advised to contact her GP.

In speaking to the tenant, she was very grateful to Pete and Dave and said they looked after her “very well.” 

NWLDC's corporate values

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