We do not have an ‘approved suppliers list’ that pre-qualifies suppliers for business. When we undertake a tender process for purchases or contracts over £25,000 in value these are open to any capable supplier to compete for.

Where our officers are seeking quotes for purchases or contracts under £25,000 in value they will seek quotes from three suppliers, who will be determined by the officer. When selecting suppliers the officer may consider local knowledge, past experience, and whose details are available via search engines such as Google.

Suppliers can register with East Mids Tenders. This will both allow you to search for and respond to invitations to tender.

If you have specific products or services that you wish to make the council aware of then you need to ask yourself - who do I expect to use, and therefore recognise the value of my business? You may then wish to use the search function of this website to find the department you need.

If you’re interested in finding out what contracts we already have and when they expire they can be found on our contracts register.

Last updated: Mon 4 May, 2020 @ 15:39