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£20,000 for Seven

Votes have been counted and verified and the winners have been announced!

The winner of the bonus award of £10,000 goes to Ashby Castle Lawn Tennis Club and the bonus award of £5,000 goes to MRC Community Action.

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At a £20,000 for Seven event on Thursday 28 January, Councillor Alison Smith MBE announced exciting news; that every application that has got through to this stage in meeting the technically assessment has been successful in their bid for either £20,000 or £10,000 (subject to any special conditions).

We have received four applications for £20,000 and a further eight applications for £10,000 all of which have been successful in receiving the full grant.  

The project that received the most votes in each of the £10,000 and £20,000 pots received a "top up" of half the award already granted. 

The results of the votes were announced by the Chairman of North West Leicestershire District Council at the Celebration of Volunteers Event held at the Radisson Blu on the 20 March 2016. 

Congratulations to Ashby Castle Lawn Tennis Club and MRC Community Action!

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