Have your say on the future of recycling in North West Leicestershire

Published: Mon 19 February, 2024

Cllr Michael Wyatt with options for recycling container consultation

  • Consultation on recycling containers launching in North West Leicestershire
  • Survey open from Monday 19 February at www.nwleics.gov.uk/binreview

The current recycling system in North West Leicestershire could be binned in favour of new containers.

North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) is asking residents to review three options to replace the current boxes and bags used to collect paper, card, plastics, cans and glass.

A consultation on three new options will run for eight weeks from Monday 19 February, while the authority continues to review how recycling and waste collection is carried out across the district.

Most residents in the district currently use separate wheelie bins for rubbish and garden waste, a box for plastics and cans, another for glass, bags for paper and bags for card.

The existing system has been in place for 20 years and has seen the council make up to £1 million a year from selling separated recycling materials.

NWLDC is asking residents for their views on three options:

  • Two bins – Two wheelie bins for separated recycling
  • Stackable recycling trolley – Three separate boxes stacked on a wheeled frame, residents would be issued with two of these
  • A Quatro bin – A wheelie bin separated into four sections for different types of recycling.

Since 2019, through the council’s Recycle More campaign, around 500 volunteers across the district have trialled different recycling containers - a stackable trolley and a trolley with drawers.

Feedback from residents on both trials and reviews of what is available on the market has led NWLDC to propose the three options featured in the consultation.

The review of the council’s recycling and waste collection service will help NWLDC plan for an increasing population, changes in recycling habits and prepare for changes in collection requirements.

From 2025 the government has announced local authorities will need to collect food waste and cartons at the kerbside, along with a future requirement to collect plastic wrapping and film.

The results of the consultation will be reviewed by the council’s waste service, before a recommendation is presented to Cabinet. The council will then draft a plan for introducing the new system in line with government changes.

Councillor Michael Wyatt, NWLDC Portfolio Holder for Community and Climate Change, said: “We know residents are committed to supporting the environment and recycling as much as possible, but we also know there are strong feelings about our current system of red boxes and bags. One of the reasons why I took the post of Portfolio for Community and Climate Change was to deliver a much cleaner and greener system. 

“The current system is not environmentally friendly. In fact, it’s added to the problem of litter being left in our streets, broken red boxes, yellow and blue bags flying in the wind. The consultation on the new solutions are a chance for us to bin the boxes and bags, so please let us know which option you think would work best.

“The consultation is part of a wider review of our waste service, it will take time to implement but we haven’t made any decisions so want to hear as much feedback as possible.”