Coronavirus - Recycling and waste service updates

Whilst coronavirus continues to be present in our lives, along with winter colds and flu, we may face staffing issues from time to time.

This means we may be a little slower collecting the fly tips you report, delivering new bins you request (unless you have moved into a new property) and have longer wait times on bulky waste collections.

Please bear with us – and please don’t litter or fly tip! If you see offences committed, still report them online, we may just be a little slower at responding than normal.

Our team worked harder than ever during the pandemic and we thank you for your continued patience and support whilst we all work to get back to normal.

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We strongly recommend washing your hands both before you take your bin out (for the wellbeing of our teams) and after you’ve brought it back in following the collection (for your own wellbeing).

If your household has a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus, please place all used tissues and cleaning cloths in a plastic rubbish bag and tie it tightly when full. This should then be placed in a second bag, tied tightly and set aside from other waste. After at least 72 hours, the bag can be put in your black bin.

Collection timings

Please put your bins out on your usual collections days by 6am (or the night before). Remember, we might not always collect at the time you’re used to – please leave your bins out until 6pm to make sure we can collect them. If you do not put your bin out in time, we will be unable to return and empty the bin.

Additional waste

Please note, we are unable to take any additional waste next to black bins. Taking the additional waste fills our lorries quicker, meaning they need to be taken to the tip more often, and impacts our ability to reach all the bins we need to also empty that same day. Thank you for your understanding. 

Recycling and Household Waste Sites and bring/mini recycling sites

The Coalville and Lount Recycling and Household Waste Sites are run by Leicestershire County Council. Please visit the Leicestershire County Council website for more information such as opening times and what waste is accepted. 

For the health and safety of our residents and staff, we have removed our main bring/mini recycling sites. Inappropriate use of these sites has lead to high levels of fly-tipping which is costly to remove. Please take a look at our advice for disposing of your waste.

Have your red boxes been missed? Check this advice...

Our Refuse and Recycling Policy adopted in 2015 states that ‘Glass bottles and jars must be kept separate to plastics and cans for safety reasons and kept in a separate red box.’

In the past we may have been more flexible regarding this requirement. However, due to recent health and safety concerns, we have reviewed these collections and now glass will only be collected when it is separated.

Please make sure glass is kept in a separate red box to your plastic/cans/tins/foil. You can order extra red boxes online or by telephoning 01530 454545

We are unable to return when red boxes have not been emptied for this reason but we will take extra recycling on your next scheduled recycling day. Please follow our advice for putting out extra recycling.

Separating your glass also means the crews can move more quickly down each street. This reduces traffic on your road and improves the efficiency of the collections.

Thank you for your recycling efforts. Find out what happens to your recycling.

Last updated: Mon 18 March, 2024 @ 10:20