In 2000 the Government produced a National Waste Strategy, which set statutory recycling targets for each councilWaste Strategy Image

National recycling and composting rates must reach at least:

  • 40% by 2010
  • 45% by 2015
  • 50% by 2020
  • 65% by 2035

Here in North West Leicestershire our recycling rate soared from 6% in 2002-03 to around 35% in 2006-07. In the latest figures for 2021-22, we as a district have a household recycling rate of 46.6%.

A new National Waste Strategy was created in 2007, this aimed at higher goals and tougher targets - particularly around reducing waste. 

Each year we generate about 100 million tonnes of waste from households and industry.

Most of this ends up in landfill - where the biodegradable part generates methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) while valuable energy is used extracting and processing new raw materials.

We must break the link between economic growth and waste growth. Most products should be re-used or their materials recycled. Energy should be recovered from other wastes where possible. Landfill should become a last resort - not the easy choice of a throwaway society. 

Local targets

All the councils within Leicestershire work within the Leicestershire Waste Partnership to improve recycling performance.

We also launched the Recycle more... campaign in August 2019 which aims to increase North West Leicestershire's recycling rate. We currently recycle 46.6% of your waste, so thank you to all of our residents who recycle!

Find out more about the Leicestershire Waste Partnership at

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