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If your home qualifies for an exemption by fulfilling one or more of the criteria, you can download an application form below. If it is not currently available to download please contact us.

Exemption classes

We can only consider applications for discounts and exemptions once we've received a completed form and the appropriate documentary evidence of entitlement. You must continue to pay your demand notice as requested while we consider your application.

If a reduction is granted, we'll send you a revised demand notice, which will take into account what you've already paid us. If there is a credit balance on your account after a reduction has been applied, this will be carried forward against your future liability or refunded to you on request.

If a discount or exemption has been applied to your account, then you must tell us within 21 days of any change in circumstances affecting your entitlement.

This includes advising when an unoccupied property becomes furnished and / or occupied or sold, or when an occupier of the property turns 18 or ceases to qualify for disregarded status.

The classes of exempt property are set out in the Council Tax (Exempt Dwellings) Order 1992 - SI 1992 No.558 (as amended).

For further details of any of the exemptions please contact us.

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Last updated: Mon 18 May, 2020 @ 13:29