Roxhill Developments Ltd has developed plans for the East Midlands Gateway on land to the north of East Midlands Airport.

Proposals description – key facts

  • Up to 547,414 sq metres of warehousing and service buildings served by railway
  • An intermodal freight terminal accommodating up to 16 trains per day, with trains up to 775 metres long and including container storage and HGV parking
  • A new rail line connecting the terminal to the Castle Donington Branch freight-only line
  • New road infrastructure and works to the existing road infrastructure
  • Demolition of existing structures and structural earthworks to create development plots and landscaped zones
  • Strategic landscaping and open space, including alterations to public rights of way and the creation of new publicly accessible open areas
  • Bus interchange.

Decision by Secretary of State

The Secretary of State for Transport granted the development consent order for the strategic rail freight interchange (SRFI) on land north of East Midlands Airport near Castle Donington, Leicestershire on Tuesday 12 January 2016.  This development is classed by the Government as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) and, therefore, the Planning Inspectorate conducted a formal examination and made a recommendation to the Secretary of State.

See a copy of the decision, as well as the report prepared by the Examining Authority.

Conditions of the development

The Development Consent Order (DCO) granted, which is the same as a planning permission, is subject to certain requirements (effectively planning conditions) and it will be the duty of the District Council to discharge these requirements, in consultation with the County Council and other statutory consultees, once information is  supplied by the developer. The DCO is also subject to a Development Consent Obligation (DCOb) which is a legal agreement between the developer, land owner, the District Council and the County Council.

It is the district council's responsibility to enforce against any planning breaches of the terms or requirements of the DCO.

Visit the Planning Portal for more information. 

Visit the East Midlands Gateway site for the latest information including travel updates throughout the construction period.

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