Exporting food products

Your food business may need Export Health Certificates (EHCs) if it exports food products abroad.

Export Health Certificates may be required by food manufacturers or exporters who wish to export food of an animal origin to countries outside of the European Community (EC), commonly referred to as 'third countries'.

These certificates confirm that your business complies with all relevant legislation, and that the food produced is without risk to health.

Products of Animal Origin (POAO) – Export Health Certificates

Further information regarding exporting POAO can be found on gov.uk - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/get-an-export-health-certificate

Products Not of Animal Origin - Export Endorsements (issued by the Local Authority)

It may be that your product does not require a formal EHC, but the importing country requires verification of compliance with food law. For such products we may be able to provide assurances about certain food and drink products produced within North West Leicestershire. Your business must already be either registered or approved by us.

This assurance will confirm that the premises the products were produced at is regularly inspected by us and is compliant with relevant food hygiene and safety law. As the exporter, it is your responsibility to find out the destination country's requirements by liaising with its embassy or consulate, food authority and importer. 

For further information regarding Export Endorsements, please contact us via ehealth@nwleicestershire.gov.uk

Fees for export endorsements 

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