Foods imported from outside of the European Union, are required to comply with the conditions laid down in the Official Feed and Food Controls (England) Regulations 2009. Information regarding imports that are permitted via East Midlands Border Control Post can be found on the Website

Some foods are subject to increased levels of checks due to known or emerging problems. These foods are listed in assimilated Regulation 2019/1793 (as amended from 17th January 2023 by UK Statutory Instrument 2022 No 1193).  In many cases it is not just the raw material that is covered – some processed and compound products containing the controlled product(s) are also covered by import conditions.

All of these products are required to be accompanied by a CHED-D and often other documentation such as the results of sampling and analysis. If a product is listed in Annex II of assimilated Regulation 2019/1793 as amended, it will require a health certificate and the lab report results. The format of the health certificate for Annex II products being imported into Great Britain can be found on the Website 

Further information regarding GMO controls for rice and rice products from China (retained Commission Implementing Decision 2011/884/EU as amended by 2013/287/EU) can be found on the Website GB imports require a CHED-D, original Health Cert and copy of the lab report.

The importer is required to submit pre-notification of the import via IPAFFS (by submitting part 1 of the Common Entry Document (CHED-D)) at least one working day before the expected time of arrival at the point of entry.

Please ensure that supporting documents are uploaded to IPAFFS. Alternatively, supporting documents (air waybill, invoice, packing list and health certificates/lab reports if required) can be emailed to  Port Health will then carry out required checks which will consist of either documentary, identity and/or physical checks before Part 2 of the CHED-D is completed. The CHED-D is required for Customs clearance purposes. Costs for these checks can be found on our Port Health Charges page.

If a product is subject to Chernobyl radiation controls under assimilated Regulation 2020/1158 it will require a health certificate and the results of sampling and analysis (lab report). The format of the health certificate for these imports can also be found on the Website

Further information regarding high-risk FNAO can be found on the Food Standards Agency Website

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