It is a legal requirement to have a documented food safety management system in place.  One way to meet this requirement is using the safer food, better business (SFBB) pack.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is no longer providing us with copies of the SFBB pack or the diary refill packs.  However, there are several ways of obtaining the pack to ensure that you are still complying with the food safety legislation.

The pack is available to download and print via the Food Standards Agency website.  You can also photocopy your own diary pages.

To assist businesses, we can offer good quality colour printed versions of the SFBB pack presented in a clear wipe clean ring binder folder.   This is the most up to date version incorporating all the latest guidance and good practice.  This is available to order for a fee of £22.50

If your business falls into one of the following categories; cake bakers, small independent retail shops, wet sales pubs/or pubs providing occasional food for sports teams then you may be able to use our low risk pre-requisite form, please email to request a copy.  It is your responsibility to assess whether your business fits in the category of being a low risk business which can depend on the types of food you prepare and the frequency that you are carrying out food preparation.

If you have responsibility for food safety management and want to discuss further with one of our officers please contact us.

Last updated: Wed 3 April, 2024 @ 11:40