We aim to protect the health and safety of the public and employees - through a mix of enforcement and education to reduce accidents.

We have a risk based programme of inspections at a variety of work places in the district to check compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act and associated regulations.

We also investigate accidents at work involving employees or members of the public. Complaints about health and safety standards as well as giving health and safety advice are also important roles of the team.

If you have concerns about health and safety within your workplace or another work premises that you have visited then please get in touch.

Tell us about a workplace Safety Concern

Advice on specific health and safety issues can also be obtained from the Health and Safety Executive.

Our service levels 


  • Fatalities
  • Situations providing a risk of serious personal injury (this includes where the risk is one of traumatic (acute) injury and where the risk is from long term health hazards which will ultimately contribute to damage to health).

Within three days

  • All health and safety related complaints
  • Complainants will be notified of the outcomes of their complaint within five days of completion.

Health and safety inspections

Following a health and safety inspection proprietors will receive a letter within 14 days. The letter will contain details of how to make representations to the Head of Environmental Health Services.

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