You can pay bills and invoices to us through your bank's website if you prefer. 

You can pay for:

  • Council tax
  • Housing rent
  • Business rates
  • 'Sundry debtor' invoices (such as business waste collection, Piper Lifelines, paying back Housing Benefit overpayments and more)
  • Miscellaneous income (such as planning fees, licensing application fees and more).

To make a payment using any of the telephone, TV, computer or other remote banking services offered by your bank or building society, please quote:

  • Sort Code: 30-94-97
  • Account Number: 00371029
  • The unique payment reference number / account / invoice number shown on your bill, notice or invoice.

Don't forget the reference number - without it we will struggle to credit your account.

Please allow up to three working days for your payments to reach us.

Last updated: Tue 12 May, 2015 @ 12:25