The Safer North West Leicestershire Partnership brings together a number of agencies to reduce crime and disorder in North West Leicestershire

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The partnership is a number of organisations including ourselves, Leicestershire County Council, Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, the National Probation Service, local housing associations and others.

Our purpose is to work together to protect North West Leicestershire’s residents, communities, businesses and visitors from crime and disorder which may cause them harm.

Every three years each community safety partnership is required by law to produce a strategy. The strategy identifies priorities and trends for the partnership to focus on and provides a framework for delivery. The key elements of the strategy are

  • To make our community safer for residents, communities, businesses and visitors
  • To support and protect all those who are vulnerable within our community
  • To work in partnership to achieve better value in what we deliver to residents, communities, businesses and visitors

We also have some areas that the government designate as mandatory for us to address. These are:

  • Reducing reoffending
  • Substance misuse (such as drugs and alcohol)

Each year we conduct a strategic assessment into crime and disorder nationally, regionally and locally, which outlines the activities it plans to deliver. The assessment helps us respond to emerging threats and to ensure the priorities are relevant. This year our priorities are:

  1. To manage violence across the district, with a focus on domestic abuse and integration with the Violence Reduction Network
  2. To protect our residents, businesses and visitors form cybercrime
  3. To safeguard the most vulnerable in the community, especially those at risk of exploitation.

These priorities were set in March 2020.

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Last updated: Tue 11 January, 2022 @ 10:23