Planned maintenance, testing and servicing

As a landlord, NWLDC is responsible for completing a number of mandatory checks to ensure
the safety of our tenants. If you refuse to allow the required access for any NWLDC contractor
undertaking these mandatory landlord checks, this may result in the disconnection of your
supply and potential legal proceedings.

We have a planned programme of checks, works and servicing that is repeated at regular
intervals to ensure we meet health and safety standards and maintain buildings, equipment
and installations to keep them in good condition.
Examples of the type of work that is undertaken:

  • Gas and air source heat pump annual servicing and safety checks
  • Servicing and maintenance of communal boilers and systems
  • Lift servicing
  • Communal fire detection equipment servicing
  • Fixed wire testing
  • Water testing and treatment
  • Checking specialised lifting equipment such as stair lifts
  • External redecoration
  • Internal redecoration of communal areas and sheltered housing complexes


Air source heating

If your home has air source heating it will be checked every year. If you experience any problems:
• Within the first year of installation contact Everwarm on 0800 1977755
• After the first year of installation contact Sure Maintenance on 0800 8030041
The installation date is located on a sticker on the front of the pump. If you have any queries
contact the repairs team on 01530 454545.

Gas heating

If your home has a gas supply it will be checked every year. This check is intended to protect
you, your family and your neighbours from any potential hazards such as carbon monoxide
gas, which doesn’t smell and can’t be seen, but can be fatal.
We do not maintain your own appliances such as gas fires / cookers but we do make sure they
are safe to use. If they are not, we will turn them off and disconnect them for you to repair or
replace at your own cost.
Please reply promptly when you receive your annual gas service and safety check
appointment; this check is a legal requirement. If you receive an appointment that is not
convenient, please contact our dedicated contractor Sure Maintenance on 0800 8030041 to
Make sure air vents are not blocked up if you have a gas appliance.
If anyone is regularly sleeping in a room with a gas fire please let us know so that we can
review your smoke and carbon monoxide detector requirements.

Solid fuel heating

If you have solid fuel heating in your home it will be checked every year. The annual service
includes a chimney sweep and safety check. We also complete another sweep 6 months later.
If you receive an appointment that is not convenient, please contact our dedicated contractor
Sure Maintenance on 0800 8030041 to rearrange.
Please reply promptly when you receive your annual service and safety check, and sweeping
appointment; these checks are a legal requirement.
If you have any queries, contact the repairs team on 01530 454545 who will be able to advise

Storage heaters

If you have storage heaters in your home these are checked as part of our fixed wiring testing
which is carried out every five years.
Contact the repairs team to report any issues with your storage heaters 01530 454545.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was extensively used in a range of building
materials before 1999. Asbestos that is in good condition does not pose a problem to people’s
health. Damaging materials which contain asbestos by sanding, drilling, sawing or scrubbing
them can release asbestos fibres into the air which could be harmful to yours and others

The use of Asbestos was banned in 1999 but may still have been used on unknown occasions.
If your home was built or refurbished before this period the chances are it may contain
asbestos in the following materials, but is not limited to:
• Airbricks and flue pipes
• Decorative textured coating (such as Artex)
• Bath panels and bathroom boxing
• Black toilet cisterns
• Corrugated cement sheeting on sheds and garages
• Ceiling tiles
• Fuse boards and storage heaters
• Fire door panels and panels behind fires or heaters and fire surrounds
• Floor tiles
• Guttering, downpipes and soil pipes
• Insulating materials on boilers, pipes, and water tanks
• Internal partitions and airing cupboard linings
• Linings for airing cupboards and stairways
• Partition walls
• Sealants and putty
• Soffit and fascia boards and roof sheets and tiles
• Water tanks

How we manage asbestos in our properties

We have previously undertaken surveys to identify and inspect places where asbestos may
have been used in our properties. If these materials are found to be in good condition, we may
have left them in place. Therefore, it is essential to ask for permission to complete any property
alterations so we can check if asbestos is a consideration to your improvement and advise you
accordingly. By not doing so it is a breach of your tenancy agreement.
If part of the work requires asbestos removal, we will arrange for this to be completed by our
approved asbestos contractor. Depending on the improvement you are wanting to make the
cost of the removal may be covered by the council. If the cost is not going to be covered, you
will be informed as part of the property alterations and permissions process. If you carry out
any work or permit others to carry out work without our prior written approval, you will be
liable for any costs of dealing with any asbestos incidents.

If you have any concerns, please contact the repairs helpline.

Last updated: Thu 18 April, 2024 @ 12:49