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Planning applications

The involvement of the public in the planning process. When planning applications are submitted there is a comprehensive system in place which ensures that proposals are publicised in order to invite comments from the local community.


  • Core Strategy Submission/Examination

    The Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD) will, once adopted, set out the vision, strategic objectives and spatial strategy for future developments within North West Leicestershire.

  • Local Plan Proposed Modifications Consultation

    Information for residents and other stakeholders on the Proposed Modifications to the Local Plan and how they can have their say.

  • Microsoft XP: having problems?

    Information on planning applications and other development control matters

  • Planning and building control

    Information about the planning and development (building) control services provided by North West Leicestershire District Council

  • Planning Application Guide

    A guide to the planning process, including whether or not you need planning permission, information about how to apply, details of the decision making process, what happens after a decision is made by planning committee and information about building regulations.

  • Self Build

    This page gives some general information on Self Build and a link to the questionnaire

  • Speaking at Planning Committee

    Information on how to register to speak at Planning Committee meetings of North West Leicestershire District Council.

  • View/Comment on planning applications

    Information on how to view and comment on planning applications and other development control matters in North West Leicestershire

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