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Local development plans

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 introduced a new type of plan called a Local Development Framework. This is made up of a series of documents called Local Development Documents (LDDs). LDDs will provide the planning framework for the consideration of planning applications by the Borough Council. They replace the previous system of plan making, which comprised Local Plans and Structure Plans.


  • Additional Evidence

    The Local Development Framework (LDF) process requires planning policies to be based on a comprehesive, robust and up to date evidence base.

  • Annual Monitoring Report

    Local planning authorities are required to publish an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) each year. The AMR contains information on the implementation of the Council's Local Development Scheme and the extent to which current planning policies set out in the adopted Local Plan are being achieved.

  • Building new affordable homes

    Building New Affordable Homes. The Council has a role in ensuring that the right type of homes are built for poeple wanting to live in North West Leicestershire. This responsibility is often reffered to as an 'enabling' role. The Council does not actually build housing, rather we work with Social Housing Providers (Housing Associations) and house builders to 'enable' new homes to be built.

  • Good Design Supplementary Planning Document

    Good Design Supplementary Planning Document detailing the urban design requirements for developments within the district.

  • Local Development Scheme

    Information about the North West Leicestershire Local Development Scheme

  • Local Plan Examination - Position Statements

    Position Statements submitted for the Local Plan Examination Hearings

  • Local Plan Proposed Modifications Consultation

    Information for residents and other stakeholders on the Proposed Modifications to the Local Plan and how they can have their say.

  • Statement of Community Involvement 2006

    An archived copy of the SCI adopted in 2006 and superseded in 2015.

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