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Archived Information

The following documents have been superseded/withdrawn/revoked and as a result are no longer used to guide development in the district.  However they may still be of historic interest:

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) & Guidance - Withdrawn January 2018

Local Plan 1991 to 2006 - Replaced by Adopted Local Plan 2011-2031

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) - Replaced by HEDNA 2015

Statement of Community Involvement 2006 – Superseded 2015

Limits to Development and Town Centre Boundary Review - 2014

Core Strategy – Withdrawn 2013

East Midlands Regional Plan – Revoked 2013

Allocations and Development Management Policies DPD – Subsumed into Local Plan 2011-2031

Previous Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessments

Previous versions of Local Development Scheme

Previous versions of Annual Monitoring Report

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