Council Tax Alternative Payment Arrangment

If you have received a reminder letter, a final notice or a summons and would like to set up new instalments online, please follow the step by step instructions below :

1. Visit 'Your Account', available at the top of any page on this website. North West Leicestershire District Council ( (opens in new window).

2. If you already have an account with us select Log In and enter your email address and password. If not, select Register, complete your details on the form and submit. You will receive an email to set up your password and your account will be created. The registration process takes less than two minutes.  

3. Once you are logged in, you will see the wording 'Popular Services'. Above that there is a green banner. Select 'Council Tax, Benefits and Business Rates'. If you have already added your Council Tax account, select your address and continue to the next page where you will find the form called 'Make an Arrangement', complete the form and submit it. If you have not added your council tax account yet, see instructions below. 

4. Ideally we would be looking for the balance to be cleared by the end of the current billing year. Each new billing year begins in April, so the final payment of any arrangement would ideally be no later than March. Should you not be able to afford to clear the full balance by March, you can still submit a request to pay less, but will need to provide information regarding your ability to pay in the Notes section on the form. 

5. Make your payments according to the new instalment arrangement you have created. Should these payments not be acceptable to us, we will be in touch with you to discuss further options. 

6. Please be aware that you will need to enter your employment or benefit details on the form. In the eventuality that the payment arrangement that you set up is not met, we will proceed to obtain an attachment of earnings or benefits. 

Failure to maintain payments under an arrangement that has been agreed with us, will result in recovery action continuing. 

If you have not yet added your council tax account:

To add your council tax account select Manage Your Services, select Council Tax and enter the information requested from your bill. If you do not have your bill to hand you can also use the PIN we will have issued to you when we set up your account. If you do not have this to hand, we can reissue it - you can email us at  to request it be reissued.

Last updated: Wed 5 July, 2023 @ 16:22